Blog Action Day: 5 Little Things You Can Do to Help the Environment

It’s finally here: Blog Action Day! Even though I haven’t been posting on this blog as often as I once was, there is no way I will blow off my commitment to post on this day. Heres a list I’ve compiled of five little things you can do to help the environment.

1. Use CFL’s. Compact Flouresent lamps use one fith of the energy of a regular light bulb. They may cost a few extra dollars, but they make up for it by lasting between eight and fifteen times longer and saving an average of $30 a month off your power bill if you equip your whole house with them.

2. Turn electronics off when they aren’t in use. When you leave a room turn off the light. When you aren’t watching the TV turn it off. When you aren’t using the DVD player/Wii/Computer/Stereo turn it off. Its that simple.

3. Recycle. Every person in the United States should have recycling bin in there house. It saves energy and keeps our resources and materials out of landfills. The only reason not to recycle is pure lazyness.

4. Don’t waste. Got an old bike in your garage that you don’t ride any more? Don’t put it out for the trash. Give it to a neighbor kid, take it to your local Goodwill, give it away on a site like craigslist or Freecycle. There is no reason to send something that can still be used to a landfill.

5. Buy a environmentally friendly car.

Heres a list from of the 12 greenest vehicles of 2007:









9. KIA RIO / RIO 5




Now go do your part. Everyone getting together to make a difference, how ever small the contribution, is what Blog Action Day is all about.

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Crocs do suck

Finally someone who agrees with me.

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Funny Picture of the week 9: Sexy Towels

Sexy Towels

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Readers… Are You Out There?

I was just wondering, is there any body out there that is reading my blog regularly? In my blog stats I’ve been seeing referrals from a personal Bloglines page. I’m pretty sure that means someone added me to Bloglines, but who? If there is someone It will greatly motivate me to post every single day, if there isn’t I’ll just look stupid… except no ones really reading my blog so no one will see me being stupid! If you do read my blog on a regular basis in any way please comment on this post.

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Digging for Page Views

I finally got around to submitting some of my posts to Digg. I’m only submitting four right now, but I may submit more later if it gives me some extra traffic. If you want to digg any of them, here are the links:

The Red Ring of Death Spares No One

MR2/MR3 stocks from Special Ops

Websense Blocks Paintball Websites

Bad Refs and Cranky Old Men, A Bad Day at the Paintball field

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Strange South Korean Halo Commercials

These advertisements consist of Master Chief scaring people in a mall, fighting a giant lizard, and dancing with people on a subway train. I’m wondering where I can get one of those Master Chief suits.

Source: Master Chief scares the socks off South Koreans and Master Chief fights giant reptile to sell Halo 3 in South Korea, FPS Rantings.

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Funny Picture of the week 8: Nintendo DS Kitty

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I’m Finally Getting DSL!

I’m finally getting fast dsl internet service. I know what your thinking, “You don’t have broadband internet!? How do you live!? Get out of the stone age!” Yeah, I know, I know. I ordered it a couple days ago and my service is supposed to be activated on Thursday. Crazy fast download times, Youtube marathons, actually play some of my favorite games, like Half-Life 2, ONLINE. I can’t wait.

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Zaku Motorcycle Helmet

This motorcycle will protect your head in the event of a crash, but it won’t protect you from being beat up when you wear it into a biker bar.

Source: Gundam Helmet is not for Keeping your Golf Clubs in, Gizmodo

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Summer has come and past

Well summer has passed by in a flash, just like my first month of blogging. Its been a ride and I’m not planning on stopping anytime soon. I may not have as much time to blog as I did over the summer, but I will still be blogging frequently. I will be changing from daily posts to 3-4 posts a week. On another note, I am planning on hosting this blog on its own domain sometime in the next 6 months. A big thanks to anyone who’s reading!

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