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Newly announced game “They”

German gaming company IMC announced “They.” The company said it is a “first-person mystery shooter” and it will be released on PS3, Xbox 360, and the PC. The rest of the description is fairly vague. Here is the single screenshot that’s been released:

Okay is it just me or does that thing in the screenshot look like the Phantoms for “Final Fantasy the Spirits Within”?

Source: They Announced for PC, Next-Gen Consoles,

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John Chow dot Com: 1500+ Prisoners Doing The Thriller Dance

A funny (in a cruel sort of way) video of a ton of Filipino prisoners doing the Thriller dance.

I originally found this video in a John Chow Dot Com Post.

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Funny Picture of the week 3: You Make Bunny Cry

You Make Bunny Cry

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Going Paintballing Tomorrow

I’m going paintballing at Gateway Paintball Park tomorrow (Sunday, July 29.) I’ve never been there before but my friend says they have good fields and a nice people. I’ll probably post some pictures sometime in the next week.

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“1-18-18” Movie poster

Heres the movie poster J.J. Abrams released at Comic Con:

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What J.J. Abrams said at Comic Con Part 2

Heres more of what J.J. Abrams said:

“This is gonna be really really quick. I just want to say I want a monster movie! I want a great monster movie! I wanted a monster movie for so long! And I was in Japan over a year ago with my son who is 8 and all he wanted to do was go to toy stores. We went to a store and saw Godzilla’s everywhere and I thought what better. We need our own monster.

We need a monster movie. I love King Kong! King Kong is just adorable and Godzilla is a charming monster I love Godzilla but I wanted something that was just insane and intense. So we started making this movie and are working it now. I watch dailies and I am more excited about the movie itself then the trailer which has gotten an amazing response.

I cant thank you enough for that. I would say it will be nearly 6 months before this movie comes out. Its a long time so in the coming months your going to get the real trailer, the real poster, and the title. But you wont get the title today. Do you think I should call it Monstrous?”

This quote comes from a Movies Online article.

Also I recently read that it could be another classic Japanese monster: Gamera.

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My Blackcell Ion

This is my gun, as promised:

Blackcell Ion w/tank and hopper

Blackcell Ion

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Wired article: Wii + Second Life = New Training Simulator

Check out this Wired article: Wii + Second Life = New Training Simulator

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Turning a 98 custom into a Powerfull airsoft gun

This guy takes a 98 custom and puts a Classic Army M4 barrel into the valve of the gun. The results are sick, but I wouldn’t recommend doing this.

Heres a link to the video:

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RAP4 grenade launchers

Real Action Paintball make a extensive line of grenade launchers. Some can be attached to a variety of guns, but others are a stand alone launcher. I have two gripes about these products. First, these launchers fire more like a shotgun than a grenade launcher (as you can see in the video below). Second, they are expensive. Example: to get the barrel mounted Phantom Grenade Launcher its $175, plus $80 for the grenade charger, plus $80 per grenade, plus $8 per bag of 250 .43 caliber paintballs. After all this you are looking at a starting price of $343. Despite these flaws, these things are pretty kick ass. For more information go to

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