Tyger’s “FPS” Videos

If you are a member of the Special Ops Paintball forum (and if you aren’t you should be) then I’m sure you know who Tyger is. Tyger, a moderator has a video series on his website that I have fallen in love with. Its called the “FPS series” because its shot from a first person view. Tyger uses a helmet cam attached to his mask connected to a Sony camcorder stashed in his vest. Heres a pic:

Tygers rig

If you want to see all of Tyger’s “FPS” videos, you can see them on his website.
If you’re interested in purchasing a helmet cam there two websites I’ve found:
Helmetcamera.com (where Tyger got his), and Hoyt tech.



  1. Tyger said

    I’m changing up the system a little bit. I’ve got a MOLLE vest, and a custom pocket to hold the camera and reduce the “wire problem”. I’ll update the pics on my site sooner or later.

    I’m actually looking for a new helmet cam, the one I used for a year had a wire problem. mainly the wires ripped out twice. So I’m looking to fix this problem. The Hoyt is a cool solution, but I’m not sure if it works for my needs. I found a few others I like, but we’ll see how they go.

    And yeah, I’m “that” Tyger. Every once in a while I see where bandwidth from my site is going, and I stumbled into here. Don’t hurt me too much….

  2. thebirdman82 said

    You’re my first comment! This blog is only a few weeks old so I’m just starting out. Thanks for stumbling into here.

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