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Summer has come and past

Well summer has passed by in a flash, just like my first month of blogging. Its been a ride and I’m not planning on stopping anytime soon. I may not have as much time to blog as I did over the summer, but I will still be blogging frequently. I will be changing from daily posts to 3-4 posts a week. On another note, I am planning on hosting this blog on its own domain sometime in the next 6 months. A big thanks to anyone who’s reading!

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Funny Picture of the week 7: Ball Pit

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Wrestler Dr. D Slaps John Stossel

Video of wrestler David “Dr. D” Schultz slapping John Stossel in a 1984 interview.

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Must have John Lennon Poster

I want this poster:

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John Lennon Tracks on Itunes

As most of you probably already know, the Itunes Music Store is now providing downloads of songs from 16 of John Lennon’s post-Beatles albums. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come, of days where The Beatles and AC/DC are on Itunes. You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one…

Source: Wired, ITunes Now Selling John Lennon Tracks

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Ghettotastic Ion Body

Low on cash? Make your own Ion body kit out of cardboard!

Or if you have extra money you can buy one for $50 from Dana at Paintball Journal. I got the pictures from this post.

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Tag: 5 Things

I was tagged by and he wants to know 5 things about me.

Here it is:

5 things found in my bag.

  1. Binders
  2. Paper
  3. Notebooks
  4. Ipod
  5. Mints

5 things found in my wallet.

  1. Subway gift card
  2. 3 dollar bills
  3. 36 cents
  4. Pool card
  5. Library card

5 favorite things in my room.

  1. Ipod dock
  2. Pillows
  3. Desk
  4. Bed
  5. Calender

5 things I have always wanted to do

  1. Have a uber gaming laptop
  2. Have wi-fi in my house
  3. Go to California
  4. Buy a Scion xB
  5. Own a paintball field

5 things I’m currently into

  1. Blogging
  2. Paintball
  3. Drums
  4. Water Polo
  5. Gaming

5 people I’m going to tag

  1. SparkBugg
  2. The “Break it Down” Blog
  3. Views from a Paintball Cynic
  5. FPS rantings

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