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Readers… Are You Out There?

I was just wondering, is there any body out there that is reading my blog regularly? In my blog stats I’ve been seeing referrals from a personal Bloglines page. I’m pretty sure that means someone added me to Bloglines, but who? If there is someone It will greatly motivate me to post every single day, if there isn’t I’ll just look stupid… except no ones really reading my blog so no one will see me being stupid! If you do read my blog on a regular basis in any way please comment on this post.

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Digging for Page Views

I finally got around to submitting some of my posts to Digg. I’m only submitting four right now, but I may submit more later if it gives me some extra traffic. If you want to digg any of them, here are the links:

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MR2/MR3 stocks from Special Ops

Websense Blocks Paintball Websites

Bad Refs and Cranky Old Men, A Bad Day at the Paintball field

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Summer has come and past

Well summer has passed by in a flash, just like my first month of blogging. Its been a ride and I’m not planning on stopping anytime soon. I may not have as much time to blog as I did over the summer, but I will still be blogging frequently. I will be changing from daily posts to 3-4 posts a week. On another note, I am planning on hosting this blog on its own domain sometime in the next 6 months. A big thanks to anyone who’s reading!

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I’m 65% addicted to blogging!

According to this quiz from I’m 65% addicted to blogging.

I originally found this quiz in a post on

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Bad Refs and Cranky Old Men

There is a field in my locale area called Fearless Fighters. Its not my favorite place to play but I have been there a few times with a couple friends of mine who play there regularly. I have not been there since the last time I went back in April, because of a little incident. This field is pretty hick. You have to drive a dirt road up a hill to get to it, and once when I went it had recently rained and the hill was muddy. This required some four wheel drive. There check in area/store/fill station is all in one room that you enter through a sliding glass door with some writing on it in faded paint. The staging area consists of wooden marker stands, tables, and some moldy couches and chairs. Fearless Fighters is pretty hick, but thats not why I haven’t gone back there.

The last time I was there I was with a group of four or five friends. My friend Robert brought his little brother, John. There was a couple other groups of people there besides us, including an older man (old as in anywhere between 50 and 70) and what appeared to be a couple of his kids and grand kids. He had an Ego, Halo B, full camo vest, the works. So we had played about three games, we headed down to one of their wooded fields we hadn’t been to yet that day. We were on the opposite team of the older man. The game started and after about five minutes I was tagged out. I was sitting just outside the field’s boundaries with the other eliminated players and then there was a burst of yelling and shooting. A minute later the game ended and the rest of the players walked off the field. When they got off the field the older man and a 20 something player on are team took their goggles and started yelling at each other. The following conversation is not their exact words, but it gives you the basic idea. The player on our team yelled, “(gestures to John) Look hes just a kid, you can’t light him up like that!” The older man yelled back, “I was already out and I was taking hits to the back, I’m not just going to stand there and get shot!” The player on our team responded, “You’re an adults, these are kid, you need to control yourself.” At this point the older man started walking back to the staging area.

I later talked to my friend Jonathan, who was still on the field at the end of the game. He told me he and other players from our team (including John, my friends little brother) got in a firefight with the older man and had eliminated him. He was walking off the field when he turned around and starting shooting at them yelling “surrender!” Even though he was already out he, he turned around and started shooting because he took a few hits to the back. He was wearing a full vest, hits to his back wouldn’t even hurt! The thing that made me mad though is that the ref did nothing through all this except mumble “Ok guys… come on… its over…” In this situation a ref needs to step in a make sure a fight doesn’t start, or he should have been watching the game more closely and prevented this before it happened. The moral of the story: referees need to be professional and well trained, not blubbering high school students.

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Why is Everyone Searching Emo?

If you looked to the right of this post you will see a list of my top posts. At this time, Funny Picture of the week 1: Emo Bull is at the top. It has been viewed 47 times. I was looking at my blog stats, and I found that most of these views come from searches. There is at least one search with the word “emo” in it everyday. I’m not saying emos are good are bad, I’m wondering just wondering, why is everyone searching emo? So this is a test, since this post has the word emo in it, will it become one of my top posts? Well see…

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The Red Ring of Death Spares No One

I do not own an Xbox 360, but I am still aware of the “Red Ring of Death” problem making many gamers want to yank out their hair and buy a PS3. I recently saw a example of this problem at my locale EB games. Like other EB games, mine has displays set up so gamers can play demos and try out different platforms. So I’m at the store with my friend who wanted to buy a Wii before the stores current stocks were sold out. I’m looking at the different displays all lined up next to each other: a Wii, a PS3, and an Xbox 360, which I can’t play because there is some sort of error message on the screen. I look down and what do I see? The Red Ring of Death. Even the machines that stores use to try and sell Xbox 360’s don’t work. I overheard some of the guys working in the store talking about it, and they said it is the second time this has happened and it is completely ridiculous. Is this the result of the Xbox 360 being released a year ahead of the Wii and PS3, or just bad design? Whatever the reason Microsoft has a responsibility to fix it.

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Going Paintballing Tomorrow

I’m going paintballing at Gateway Paintball Park tomorrow (Sunday, July 29.) I’ve never been there before but my friend says they have good fields and a nice people. I’ll probably post some pictures sometime in the next week.

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My Blackcell Ion

This is my gun, as promised:

Blackcell Ion w/tank and hopper

Blackcell Ion

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