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Why is Everyone Searching Emo?

If you looked to the right of this post you will see a list of my top posts. At this time, Funny Picture of the week 1: Emo Bull is at the top. It has been viewed 47 times. I was looking at my blog stats, and I found that most of these views come from searches. There is at least one search with the word “emo” in it everyday. I’m not saying emos are good are bad, I’m wondering just wondering, why is everyone searching emo? So this is a test, since this post has the word emo in it, will it become one of my top posts? Well see…

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Thanks WordPress!

For my tenth post I would just like to thank WordPress for being the best blog hosting site on the web. Before I settled on WordPress, I tried out Blogger and, and WordPress has better features and interface than both of them. If you ever want to start a blog, choose WordPress!

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